Anti-Aging Creams – Are They For Real?

There are lots of testimonials about wonderful products that are used to make facial skin look younger than ever. Many people around the world, especially women, are looking for different products to take care of their skin. Nowadays, there are different factors such as sunlight, pollution, bad nutrition, that hasten the aging process of the skin. Particularly, much attention is now given to protect facial skin from such harmful factors. Moreover, medicine has helped to develop these products with significant results.Actually, there are different skin creams that moisturize and repair the skin, improve skin tone, lift and strong the facial skin. Most of these anti-aging creams come in three different types. There are skin creams for night use only, skin creams for day use, and sun protection factor creams for some parts of the body that are usually exposed to solar light.Before putting into practice the great benefits of the so-called anti aging creams, it is important to understand their basic components that are beneficial for the skin.An important ingredient of skin creams is retinol. This is a sort of anti-oxidant which is meant to prevent wrinkle. Here, this ingredient helps the skin to receive more oxygen as well as it cleans and anti-oxides the skin to minimize the presence of wrinkles. A similar component known as kinetin is used to hasten the production of collagen as well as it keeps the moisture on the skin.Anti aging creams also contain alpha hydroxyl acids or AHA that provide exfoliating characteristics. Here, this component removes the dead skin cells on the skin and renew it with new skin cells. Some other components such as coenzyme Q10 are a sort of nutrient that encourages the production of energy of the skin cells. This ingredient also protects the skin from harmful conditions such as pollution and sunlight.Moreover, there are some other additional components such as tea extracts that serve both anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory purposes. This natural ingredient has positive effects on the skin since it reduces the effect of time on initial wrinkles.In truth, anti-aging creams are not anti age at all. Instead, they should be considered as pro-age skin creams rather than anti age. These creams reduce the effects of age on the skin instead of reversing the aging process. For that reason, people looking for miracles when they use the so-called “anti” aging creams should be a little disappointed since they do not offer immediate results. Certainly, skin creams are not magical but they definitely work. Given that most of the popular creams always contain the ingredients explained, they always give positive effects on the skin. These creams are not meant to reduce wrinkles, but they can be used to slow down the effects of age, pollution, and sunlight in the long term.There are diverse types of creams for the different types of skins. Customers have to get informed about their own skin characteristics. After this, the person knows exactly what kind of cream is the more appropriate for his/her type of skin.

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